You Want to Segment Calls by Medium

Understanding how paid, organic, and referral traffic are influencing call conversions helps you understand where to focus your efforts.

You Want to Segment Calls by Medium

If the call comes from PPC, you will want to get more granular to understand which campaign and keyword are driving more calls.

Google Analytics provides insight as to what’s happening online. But when there is no click event – GA is blind.

With a call tracking provider marketers can enable dynamic number insertion(DNI). On their site to dynamically show each site visitor a dedicated number by medium (CPC, organic, referral).

Imagine you are advertising for local brick and mortar computer and electronics store. You can setup the JavaScript to show a different number depending on the way people get to the site. For example:

  • People who clicked on a paid search ad would see one number.
  • People who clicked on an SEO listing would see a second number.
  • Everyone else would see a third (or the actual business #).

This will allow each call to be tagged as ‘paid search’, ‘organic’ or ‘other’ and let you segment calls from paid search in your reports.

Many call tracking providers tie the offline call data back to GA so that marketers can provide a holistic view of web based and offline calls broken out by mediums.

These insights can also help you provide recommendations to inform customer acquisition strategy.


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