Wireless VoIP

Just like it sounds, Wireless VoIP is a VoIP phone that eliminates the constraints of wires or cables.You’ll remember that VoIP phones have built-in IP technology and transport protocols: when used together with a VoIP phone system or service, these permit you to send and receive calls. The same applies to wireless VoIP phones, but with one big exception: the Ethernet port on the wireless telephone is not required or forced to connect to your computer or your Local Area Network to get VoIP phone service.

Wireless VoIP

So, what you have is a Wireless VoIP Phone with a built-in WiFi or a Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) transceiver unit. That transceiver unit connects to a base station or an access point. With this unit connected you can move freely around your office, even while on a call. Should you be at a wireless hotspot, you can still send and receive calls.

Wireless VoIP allows you and your employees to:

VoIP Adapters

VoIP adapters are simple and easy-to-use devices that enable you to use a VoIP service from an outdated analog or Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) line. VoIP adapters convert analog voice signals into digital IP packs or packets. Then the packages are transported over an IP network. VoIP adapters can also convert digital IP packs in analog voice streams as well.

To get your analog telephone connected, a standard VoIP adapter is used and connected to an FXS* port. Then, with the use of an Ethernet cable through an RJ45 port*, the adapter is then connected to your Local Area Network. Some VoIP adapters may also feature an FXO* port option in the event you need to connect to the Publicly Switched Telephone Network.

VoIP adapters can also be a bridge between an IP network and analog station device, like desktop phones or the PSTN. Depending on where the voice traffic starts, the VoIP adapter will convert it. Once converted to its proper form, the destination network or device will receive it.


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