Why You Should Invest in Call Tracking

Phone Calls are Important to Your Advertiser. Call tracking is essentially creating a different phone number for different marketing campaigns and call tracking software can show which number or which campaign is working the best.

Why You Should Invest in Call Tracking

While really anyone running ads that has a number on their website should be tracking calls. Inbound calls are particularly important for certain industriesIn the healthcare industry 88 percent of patients book on the phone and similarly 75 percent of people looking for insurance do so by calling. In a recent e-book (download required), DialogTech identified 25 industries where call tracking is driving revenue. Advertisers in any one of these industries should make sure that they have a website with a phone number helping people connect.

Get questions answered, and ultimately convert advertising efforts to revenue. To be able to report on the value of online advertising efforts including calls from ads. Marketers need to set up call tracking.Typically call tracking is set up by adding a JavaScript snippet to the source code of a website. This JavaScript is designed to replace the number on the site based on predefined rules.

Once this is done, the website will show the dynamically replaced call tracking number to the site visitor. Allowing the marketer to see PPC calls segmented out from the other traffic sources in their call tracking dashboard. Calls are also particularly important because they can produce higher quality leads. Calls convert 10-15 times more often than web leads. There are many success stories that point advertisers to call tracking. Whether it’s that irreplaceable human quality or the convenience of instant information, calls are an important source of leads to any business and provide important data to the advertiser.


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