Why Small Businesses are Moving to Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX, aka Virtual PBX or IP-PBX, has been tremendously gaining significance among small and medium businesses. It no longer needs any kind of introduction. With anytime and anywhere access, it has simplified the reachability and accessibility of business services. Cloud-based PBX gives businesses cost-effective and user-friendly solutions that ensure smooth business functioning.

Why Small Businesses are Moving to Cloud PBX

The demand for VoIP services has been increasing at a faster pace and circuit-switched networks can be replaced with the cloud PBX systems. Requiring merely internet connectivity to connect the calls, cloud-based communication service providers take the entire responsibility for configuring, owning and controlling the services. This offers small businesses several advantages over traditional PBX solutions.

1. Easy Scalability

Services can be easily scaled up or down depending upon business affordability. You can quickly react to changing business conditions by easily scaling up and down its services. Adding up or downsizing the number of lines becomes easy with cloud PBX. There is no need to install hardware or adjust the sales agents as per the services. With cloud PBX solutions, based upon requirements you can easily add up the smart conferencing line in the new conference room without investing anything overhead.

2. Built in Back Up

All call logs, customers contact numbers, emails can be saved in the cloud without worrying about local system crashes. The entire data can be copied automatically at proxy servers that eliminates the need for any external hard drive specifically for each employee. PBX on cloud gives businesses flexibility to reduce operational costs and improve data security.


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