Why not Try a Mobile App

The mobile app is an amazing way to enhance the customer engagement rate. Customers can be sent discounts, promotional offers in real-time. Apps are an attractive option over websites, enabling businesses to build a continuous relationship with the customers.

Why not Try a Mobile App

Apps allow businesses to deliver better capabilities to users. For instance, Agora.io allow administering click-to-call functionality into the app for a seamless customer experience. Users merely at a click of a button can connect to the required customer representative and ask pre-sale queries on video or chat while checking out the store and considering an online purchase.

Easy Accessibility of Mobile Devices

Mobile shopping is the growing trend. The ever-growing momentum for Mobile device usage has simplified the buying patterns and store visits. 8 out of 10 web searches are performed via a mobile device. While looking for products and services online, customers most preferred, easily accessible option is a mobile device.

Taking into account that most of the restaurant and travel search turning into a purchase, it is critical for the businesses to understand that outside of an in-house shopping store most of the visits are from mobile devices.

Feeding the needs of Growing Millennial

In today’s consumer space, the millennial generation has overtaken the baby boomers. As revealed by the U.S. Census bureau estimates states that there are 75.3 million millennial consumers in comparison to 74.9 million baby boomers.

Driving the focus towards millennial isn’t merely about catering the young consumers with spending more than other age groups, it is all about concentrating towards largest living generation in U.S. Now, this comes as a no surprise that millennial are increasingly focusing towards mobile devices as an outcome of being the first generation to fully emerge with technology.


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