Why Call Centers Need Insights from Data

The big data and analytics are changing call centers as they work, suggests this Forbes article. To get the best possible results, speech analytics and NLP (Natural Language Processing) is being opted by the call centers today. NLP algorithm is used to decode and interpret words and the way they are spoken.

Why Call Centers Need Insights from Data

Speech analysis can interpret the caller’s tone, vocabulary, sentiments, and pauses that the callers use. Both the analytical activities help in making the customers more predictable. The whole analysis amounts to a big unstructured data.

So, if we include speech analysis with predictive analysis the results have enhanced several folds now.

In addition to this, big data has also influenced the call center industry through HR. Finding the right set of people in the call center industry is an essential thing because the pressure and need of the call center environment are not sustainable for every individual.


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