Who will benefit from VoLTE and what exclusive it brings for the users?

VoLTE guarantees good quality service and faster call setup time. It allows a much efficient use of spectrum and helps to meet demand for richer and reliable service. The launch of VoLTE turns out to be significantly beneficial for operators, network vendors, smartphone makers, partners, and consumers. It brings great benefit as it can be deployed in parallel with video calls over RCS and LTE, comprising multimedia messaging, video share, file transfer, and chat.

Who will benefit from VoLTE and what exclusive it brings for the users?

What are the necessities to ensure efficient use of VoLTE service?

VoLTE helps users to make the high-ality wideband and need to ensure that phones on both sides have active VoLTE service. You can assure quality VoLTE service by getting checked compatibility of your phone with the phone model of person you are talking to, your account with your carrier. You need to get checked your carriers support as at present VoLTE service works only in certain area codes.

Who all have join the VoLTE bandwagon?

Last year Jio deployed PAN-India VoLTE network Reliance Jio Infocomm is about to launch 4G services on pan-India level using LTE technology. Specifically, for Jio, VoLTE will perform as base engine to deliver voice service as it has limited 2G and doesn’t have its own 3G fallback network. It is relying upon tie-ups with Reliance communications in case backup voice airwaves are needed. Airtel is employing voice over LTE technology in alliance with Finnish gear maker Nokia to take on Reliance Jio Infocomm, expected to initiate operations soon and support its services on this technology.

How much VoLTE costs?

It lowers your overall network costs and usually differs with operators. As, VoLTE acts like another data app, it might bring an end to old “minutes” paradigm.

Final Takeaway

The coming year will turn out to be transformational for communication ecosystem. Rapidly growing convergence between the online world and telecommunication technologies will drive capabilities and bring up a significant shift from classical telephony.


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