Which VoIP Hosting Option is the Best?

Your VoIP phone system relies heavily on your IP network infrastructure to control users’ data transmissions. So, before looking at VoIP features you will have to choose how you want the IP network hosted.On-Premise VoIP (On-Site VoIP) On-Premise VoIP systems are custom-built primarily for large companies, organizations and government agencies. These business or government types purchase in-house VoIP infrastructure rather than subscribing to an offsite VoIP service.

Which VoIP Hosting Option is the Best?

Hosted VoIP (Cloud VoIP)

When choosing an off-site hosted solution you will need to pay a recurring subscription (often on a tiered pricing model) to the VoIP provider. They, in turn, will organize all of your critical network infrastructure on their global data centers.

  • The scalability of hosted VoIP is its biggest draw, letting you change your subscription type to match your day-to-day business priorities.
  • Hosted VoIP is remote worker-friendly, and VoIP providers will offer software your employees can install on their mobile devices. Because the service runs on third-party servers, you can make and receive calls wherever you are in the world.
  • Your supplier will decide which features to include or remove from each subscription tier, based on your needs, which also leaves system improvements to their discretion. The tiered subscription model removes substantial upfront costs, but note fees could increase as your company grows.


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