What is Geo-Routing?

Geo-routing (geographical routing) is an algorithmic tool that routes phone calls to a set destination based on the geographical location of the caller. With geo-routing, callers are automatically routed according to the area code provided through caller ID, by manually entering the zip code of where they are located.

What is Geo-Routing?


Geographic Call Routing or Geo Routing makes it possible to direct incoming phone calls to specific sites based on the location of the caller.

This is ideal for businesses with multiple locations that are interested in using one form of advertising. With Geo Routing calls automatically route to the site closest to the caller. The location of the caller is determined by area code or by zip code. Then the call is then routed to the nearest or best area.

Benefits of Geo-routing for Franchises

With more searches occurring on mobile than on desktop nowadays, users are often searching in hopes of finding a local result, and these local searches are very likely to lead to a call. Regardless of whether a business is part of a franchise or just has multiple locations, geo-routing can improve caller experience and enhance conversions by more quickly connecting them to the right person or location.

The benefits of geo-routing calls include:

  • Easily customize the call routing of each of your locations
  • Reduce the number of pre-conversation interactions required by the caller
  • Improve conversion rates by routing calls correctly, as quickly as possible
  • Maximize the value of your advertising with a single phone number

By getting rid of the hassle of manual call transfers, franchises and agencies can reduce friction for inbound callers and, in turn, create a better customer experience. Using call tracking software like Nextrings, businesses are able to choose where incoming calls are routed based on the actual location of the caller — all through a single phone number. Routing calls through one number for multiple locations allows businesses to focus their marketing efforts and advertisements on a single tracking number, rather than across multiple iterations.

Learn more about custom call flows related to geo-routing

With a geo-routing distribution tool, businesses can choose to route calls either by the area code provided by their caller ID or by having the caller manually enter the zip code for their location. Within Nextrings call flow settings, businesses and agencies can set routing parameters by selecting the specific zip codes or area codes that correspond with each business location. Any callers outside of the specified parameters will route to a default number chosen by the business.

Geo Routing Provides a Simplified Call Experience

Geographic Call Routing streamlines the process of connecting your customers to your business and offers several key features:

  • User definable search radius
  • Automatic location geo-coding
  • Caller support for both mobile and landlines
  • Text-to-speech translator for location addresses
  • Pound (#) dialing option to automatically route to default phone number
  • Option for default phone number if no location is identified within the search radius

This application employs advanced geo-coding of both zip codes and locations to produce exceptionally accurate results. And at the same time, the number of interactions required from the caller is reduced.


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