Well, the #1 Has Got to Be Cost Savings

Softphones come with serious savings. There are a number of different types that range in price, but almost all of them save you money. A paid softphone through your VoIP provider usually doesn’t cost very much at all. The price can go all the way up to $50 per month or as low as Nextiva’s $3 a month offering. Signing up for VoIP through a provider will usually allow you access to a softphone program for a low cost, at least compared to the cost of hardwiring your office for traditional phones.

Well, the #1 Has Got to Be Cost Savings

Additional Softphone benefits

Still on the fence about choosing a VoIP business phone system? These additional benefits might help you make a decision. They’re just a few of the major reasons VoIP and softphones are growing so rapidly in popularity.

Less Equipment

Softphones require much less equipment than older voice solutions. The copper wiring once required to hook up a landline is no longer required and the costly PBX server installation isn’t necessary.

No Dedicated Line

Softphones are able to efficiently use existing internet bandwidth, negating the need for a dedicated connection for voice communications. The lack of a dedicated line is another major cost savings for your business.

Video Conferencing & Calling

Instead of installing a costly conferencing system for your businesses, a Softphone can handle multi-party conferencing and video calling without an additional costs.

Additional Lines

Add new lines by logging into your dashboard and making the necessary adjustments. You no longer need to hardwire lines into a new space.

24/7 Employee Connectivity

A major benefit of your softphone is being able to take it anywhere. Reinstall your program on a new computer and add it to any additional cell phone. You never have to worry about the cost of moving and reinstalling equipment, it’s a simple program download and you’re back in business.

And, if that wasn’t enough, here’s a dedicated post weighing the pros and cons of VoIP.

Softphones Vs. Traditional Phones

We mentioned the cost savings compared to traditional phones. Other than that, what are the major ways that softphones differ from traditional phones?


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