VoIP Phone Systems

Currently you can find six VoIP Phone Systems on the market. We’re not referring to brands, but rather functionality. As you note each system, consider what you and your company may need now and in the future. Hosted PBX system On-Premise PBX system Hybrid Phone system Proprietary VoIP Phone system Open Source VoIP Phone system Open Source-based VoIP Phone system

VoIP Phone Systems

What is a Hosted PBX?

Hosted PBX, or hosted VoIP, is where the VoIP service provider is responsible for housing the IP-PBX and controlling the technology that provides the services to an IP phone system.

What is an On-Premise PBX?

An On-Premise PBX or IP-PBX phone system is similar to a traditional PBX system that is set up at the company’s location and usually found in a computer equipment room or phone closet.

What is a Hybrid Phone System?

A Hybrid Phone System is an upgrade option for businesses or organizations that are migrating to a VoIP phone system but do not want to invest in re-wiring/re-cabling or replacing their PBX.

What is a Proprietary VoIP Phone System?

A Proprietary VoIP Phone System is an underlying operating system and PBX software known as closed “black box” technology: you have no access to system source code or insight into how the underlying system works.

What is an Open Source VoIP Phone System?

An Open Source VoIP Phone System is an underlying operating system and PBX software that’s free and available to the public. You, the user, have full access and control over the source and how the system works.

What is an Open ‘Source-Based’ VoIP Phone System?

An Open ‘Source-Based’ VoIP phone system is an underlying operating system and PBX software that is 1) open source at the core, but 2) with proprietary code built on top.

Now that you’ve reviewed the six VoIP systems, you should have a clear understanding of the different types of operations available on the market.

As you begin assessing what your company needs in terms of communication software, consider these few starter questions to ask your team:


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