VoIP Headsets and Phone Compatibility

When you’re using a headset and phone system from the same manufacturer, there’s rarely a question of compatibility. But when you need to replace or update a headset from a different brand, you need to know if your choice is compatible with your phone.

VoIP Headsets and Phone Compatibility
  • Will my new headset work with my phone?
  • Will a new wireless headset work with my old phone?
  • Will our old headsets work with our new VoIP phones?
  • Can I use one manufacturer’s headset on another phone they didn’t make?
  • What headset brand works with our new VoIP phones?

When you look at your phone you will find connection ports, typically on the back or either side of the phone. There should also be an icon in the shape of a headset above that slot. If the figure is there, that phone is compatible with headsets that have a matching plug-in connector.

On the off chance there is no headset port, a standard desk phone will have a corded handset receiver that unplugs the headset should still work as long as it has the right connector for that plug-in port.


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