Voicemail Transcription

This is a great feature that lets you view your voicemail messages as text files, in case you are not able to hear the mp3 version.

Voicemail Transcription

The business communication has changed from traditional analog on-site to today’s wireless Hosted server. With the deployment of VOIP telephony for communication needs, the definition of phone systems has changed. Now you don’t just make and receive voice calls with your phone but do so much more. You can view your faxes online, send and receive all your emails, fax and voicemail messages in your email account, get phone numbers with the desired area code and keep existing numbers when you want to shift office from one location to another.

Business communication is becoming faster, virtual and more mobile every day. An important feature associated with the business phone systems is Voicemail. Your voicemail is what saves your day when you are busy grabbing a snack for a break. It is a convenient tool that has been around for a long time now. As business systems have grown to digital Hosted VOIP, the traditional voicemail has also evolved into many facets.

The need for anywhere accessibility for small businesses with a dispersed workforce led to the development of Small Business. Similarly, to cater to the requirements of those businesses voicemail has also become more accessible.


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