Using Low Cost VoIP to Amplify Qualified Lead Number

Making a double-glazing sales number can be a daunting task for VoIP business owners. The marketing journey of VoIP business goes through high leaps and bounds. Transitioning customers into prospects involves weighing each marketing effort carefully. It takes the stringent analysis of various leads and filter which lead actually deserves great effort and the ones’ which need to be discarded. Creating qualified VoIP leads involves intense efforts and clear understanding of clients’ pain points.

Using Low Cost VoIP to Amplify Qualified Lead Number

To understand the concept of qualified VoIP leads to let’s consider an example. What would you prefer – an instant coffee or a filtered coffee? Pre-brewed coffee just ready to rehydrate with boiling water – instant coffee may not taste better than filtered coffee which involves pouring boiling water over ground roasted beans and only the fresh brew is left behind. So, the filtered coffee are actually your qualified leads.

Many marketing leaders fail to recognize the importance of qualified leads and end up diluting the chances of generating great sales number. Here are few vitals to qualify a sales lead.

Incorporating BANT approach

An old IBM-pioneered approach BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, and Timeline) can be used by sales professional to boost up qualified leads. As the components reflect, simply checking out the whether product will be affordable by the prospect, he/she has the authority to make purchasing decisions, suits the need of prospect and whether the product can be delivered within the timeline that suits the need of both the parties. This not only improves the number of qualified leads but also helps to enhance the sales team productivity.

Using Call Management

VoIP setup allows you to harness the power of telephony to the maximum what landline phones are incapable of. Handling incoming calls become simplified with call management group features, calls can be routed by setting up program rules based on caller ID, time of day, location and availability of the agent. This ensures that every caller gets the desired response in time. Calling patterns can be customized and ensures that the conversation gets simplified.


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