Unfold Answers to Your VoLTE Queries

Mobilizing your world will become much simpler with Voice over LTE (VoLTE), a technology similar to VoIP used by Skype to support voice calls over the broadband connection. In a nutshell, VoLTE enables users to make voice calls while simultaneously using data network. LTE – abbreviated as long term evolution is one of the fastest networks available for wireless connectivity which offers users ability to do video chats easily and set up better voice calls.

Unfold Answers to Your VoLTE Queries

LTE brings with it a great benefit for consumers as voice-based minutes calling will fade off completely leading to huge cost savings. Businesses have started administering VoLTE for business purpose and here are some of the important questions pressing VoLTE (voice over LTE) technology:

What makes VoLTE (Voice over LTE) critical for businesses?

A standard-based technology, voice over LTE is critical for supporting voice calls over an LTE network. LTE is specifically a data-only networking technology that turns the network around and utilizes IP packets to run all communications. In order to support VoLTE, new applications and protocols are needed as it doesn’t support traditional voice-call technologies. Voice over LTE – routes regular mobile calls over data networks of the operator rather than using voice networks.

Will VoLTE bring any improvement in voice communications?

VoLTE brings promising results as data networks enable more efficient use of bandwidth, operators get the option to bring up features such as video chat and high-definition voice to VoLTE-equipped networks and devices. VoLTE should let carriers tie-in video, voice calls, and messages directly to the phone number, enabling better-integrated communications and simpler to use. VoLTE may give providers a competitive edge as it will have tight integration with the carrier network, that tracks items such as billing information, device type, and subscriber’s location.


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