Turning Customer Engagement

Social media channels can be used to turn customer engagement into the revenue making opportunity. Converting customer engagement is easy when you are active on social media networks. You can track the engagements from various social channels and reach out to potential engagement for converting leads into potential customers.

Turning Customer Engagement

1.Mapping out Social Media Campaigns

Based on the data gathered, social media campaigns can be framed out and can help to do more targeted marketing. This reduces the time wasted upon unqualified leads and helps to address customers’ concerns more efficiently. Targeted marketing campaign is build based on customer personas and offer content that exactly fits with the customer’s need.

2. Simplified Reputation Management

Social media helps to manage company’s reputation online easily. With right tools in place, you can easily track negative comments, monitor all feedback, optimize content appropriately and take action at the spot when negative comments show up. There are many social media activity tracker tools such as Google Alerts, Rankur that helps to share or update alerts using any device.

3. VoIP and Social Media Integration with CRM

Using this technique, marketers can quickly flag the leads that need attention. This can help to solve problems easily over the phone calls and manage customer data based on email addresses. It gives you the flexibility to listen to social media and evaluate customer engagement rate. Marketers can easily monitor and track customer engagement at an individual level to build a general overview of brand’s accessibility.

Final Takeaway

Efficient utilization of VoIP technology can provide businesses an effective platform to use customer data for better business performance. Potential customers can be tracked using various social media channels and accordingly optimize them for visitors and create a strong customer base.


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