Training and Onboarding My VoIP System with Your Team

With your Business VoIP phone system set up and fully operational, you can begin to explore the features included and get your team acquainted with them. Most components are easy to use and the web interface should be fairly simple to navigate. Before you can begin using your VoIP system, there is one last piece of the puzzle that needs addressing. Will the provider offer training or onboarding for your Business VoIP phone system or will you need to provide these services? Ask your VoIP provider about their onboarding process and training. With a new Business VoIP system in place, your team will need help getting to know the interface quickly.

Training and Onboarding My VoIP System with Your Team

Four concerns you’ll want to inquire about are:

  • Training
  • Online Support
  • Number Porting
  • Accounting and Billing Setup


Materials that are usually supplied include introductory materials, manuals and training guides, and sometimes virtual training for users and company administrators.

Online Support

Most providers offer online support resources, similar to a company’s knowledge base or an expanded frequently asked questions section. There you should find videos and how-to guides covering everything system- and feature-related.

Number Porting

When a new customer wants to transfer their existing phone number(s) over to a new system, it’s known as “porting.” This is handled by the provider. During that time, temporary numbers will be issued until the porting has been completed. Do note: it can take up to four weeks for the porting process to complete.

Account and Billing Setup

Providers typically accomplish this set up right away and provide online access to account details and billing.


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