Top Benefits of Call Tracking

This advanced form of lead tracking helps businesses measure marketing effectiveness. Drive more transactions, and ensure better user experiences with customers worldwide.

Top Benefits of Call Tracking

The phone rings. A great conversation is had with your customer and, perhaps, a sale is made. As a business owner, sales manager, or a marketer, wouldn’t it be nice to know what prompted the call and what transpired? Call tracking allows you to dig into exactly that type of information. This advanced form of lead tracking helps businesses measure marketing effectiveness. And drive more transactions, and ensure better user experiences with customers worldwide.

Why Use Call Tracking?

1. Proven Lead Conversion:

Phone calls have 30-50% conversion rates, compared to only 1-2% for clicks. Inbound leads are often the last step in the buyer’s journey. Before the use of call tracking. Marketers were unable to pinpoint the exact source of a call. Lead tracking was limited to ad links and web forms, and once sales picked up the phone. It was highly unlikely that the source of the call would be revealed or documented. But with phone tracking, that’s simply no longer the case. By adding a unique phone number to an ad or your website. Now you can track the source of the call to the specific campaign. With call tracking metrics, you can not only demonstrate where the lead came from but you can illustrate your marketing contribution when the sale is made.

2. Enhances Organic and Paid Search:

61% of mobile searchers say click-to-call is most valuable when it’s time to make a purchase. If you have spent time, money, and energy creating your Search Engine Marketing programs. You want to make sure those investments are paying off. While a simple link to your website might do the trick, employing call tracking will give you the advantage you need to turn that audience into a sale. By dynamically serving a different phone number for each ad group. There is no guesswork involved: you will know the precise Google AdWord group or keyword string which inspired your customer to call. With this knowledge, you can produce better ROI by refining your messaging and your ad buys based on real-time marketing metrics.

3. Improved Customer Experience:

Consumers searching on smartphones prefer to call a business rather than fill out a web form. Your customers are turning to their phones to interact with your business. By giving them a phone number to click when they are ready to buy, you have already improved the customer experience. But with lead tracking employed, not only will you know the ad that prompted the call, but you will also learn the caller’s intent. What’s been said, and if the sale was made. Understanding customer interactions in real-time, allows you to adapt and optimize the customer experience. To ensure your marketing messages are well received. By capturing customer information on-the-fly, you get the added benefit of being able to dynamically share this insight with your sales or customer service representatives. Knowing what your customer is interested in – and at what point they are at in the buyer’s in the journey. Your representatives can offer a more informed and engaged conversation when your customers call.

4. Integrated Marketing Experience:

70% of phone calls come from digital marketing channels. The advent of digital marketing programs has made it easy to attribute. Leads generated from web forms and advertising links and to track the customer experience. Since this kind of lead tracking has dramatically changed the marketing dynamic from a lead perspective. Why not include phone tracking to the mix? Adding a phone number to your marketing programs gives you the opportunity to provide your customers. With the means to connect however and whenever they like. And your call tracking number automatically tracks which campaign and channel they are calling from. By analyzing this information you can make smarter, more profitable marketing investments.


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