Top 5 VoIP Security Risks and Their Controls

Businesses often ponder on the reliability and overall quality of VoIP telephony system. This is a major concern which leads such businesses to consider the dangers of data security risks. In spite of the few controversial security breaches in the past, VoIP technology has advanced and transformed into a more robust business tool.

Top 5 VoIP Security Risks and Their Controls

Nowadays, Cloud-hosted VoIP services and solutions have become widely popular due to the many great advantages it brings to the table. It has eliminated all the previous issues and concerns regarding efficiency and reliability and also plays a stronger role in ensuring data security and privacy of the clients.

However, with all things being said, VoIP services still require a basic internet based structure to operate, which makes it vulnerable to data thefts and illegal intrusions. Here are the 5 most crucial VoIP security risks that need to be taken into consideration and mitigated at the earliest.

1. Denial of Service Attacks

Denial of Service is the most common form of cyber-attacks that cloud service providers have to avoid and battle. It requires very little coding knowledge to execute. Cyber-criminals, as well as the competing businesses, can or might use this malicious cyber-attack to cripple almost any VoIP system. Denial of Service attacks usually floods the main internet connection of the business or the service provider with useless data.

This results in the internet connection becoming unable to handle all the useless data transfers, which ultimately leads to the PBX system being unable to initiate new calls, incoming calls not connecting, and quality issues with existing live calls.

More severe attacks may also lead to theft of confidential business data and user identities. These types of cyber-attacks can also target the SIP resources of a call-center and overload them. It can also be used to spread to all other connections and their systems as well.


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