Top 5 Must Have Features of a VoIP Phone

Choosing the best feature for VoIP phone system from the myriad of functions provided by vendors enables companies to set up an all-in-one solution for improved functionality of businesses. Small businesses and start-ups can be benefited significantly if exactly required features are integrated with the business set up.

Top 5 Must Have Features of a VoIP Phone

For implementing successful business communication it is important to embed required features that help businesses to quickly adapt to the changing circumstances and offer smooth business functioning. Here’s a list of five best features of a VoIP phone that can be integrated for fulfilling business requirements:

1.  Call Routing with Find me/Follow me

Your office phone rings twice and call is routed to one of the agents who fails to receive the call, the call gets routed to the personal phone. If the list of calling number gets exhausted, then calls can be directly sent to voice mail. Find me/Follow me feature helps to set up intelligent routing system that enhances the efficiency of mobile devices and helps to enhance business productivity. It offers single number reachability to allow constant availability of agents and let your business get global accessibility.

2.  Configuring Call Screening Options

Caller ID reveals the entire information which helps to respond to the callers accordingly. You can answer the call, decline it, send it to another extension or directly to voice mail. You configure softphone, office phone or home phone and connect the customers to the desired extension promptly. Call screening can be also be set in a way that whispers the caller’s name as the call gets connected. This makes call screening a necessary feature for business systems to set up cold calling, and perform persistent and aggressive marketing.


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