Toll Free Numbers for Startups and SMBs

With the blog series ‘Toll-Free numbers for Startups and SMBs’, we provided an overview of pain points startups and SMBs face due to ineffective communication set up and cost they have to bear for administering technologies to streamline communication among the workforce, clients, customers, and colleagues. To simplify such hassles we provided an insight on how using toll-free numbers can improve business productivity by building up a complete communication set up in the cloud.

Toll Free Numbers for Startups and SMBs


1. Failure to Track Return on Investment

Without proper strategies in place, businesses cannot track the lead generating sources. These lead generating sources provide the number of qualified leads which later turn out to be known customers and give us revenue. This directly hits the sales department revenue generating potential and business productivity.

2. Failure to Build Credible Business Image

There is a common saying that only big Corporations are able to establish the big business presence. And small businesses face troubles while building their credibility. Marketing department often faces troubles for building product credibility among customers and expanding business reachability. This not only affects creating business reachability to its customers but, also causes trouble while trying to gather the team of investors and stakeholders.


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