The Web and Voice Conferencing Solution

Caller ID reveals the entire information which helps to respond to the callers accordingly. You can answer the call, decline it, send it to another extension or directly to voice mail. You configure softphone, office phone or home phone and connect the customers to the desired extension promptly.

The Web and Voice Conferencing Solution

Call conferencing solution gives you the ability to connect workforce and customers over the same platform and collaborate conveniently. Setting seamless connectivity across different geographic locations becomes simple with call conferencing and gives businesses option to communicate efficiently. There are several call conferencing solutions such as GoToMeeting, Skype For Business that enables smooth connection between customers and co-workers easily.

1.  Auto Attendant or Smart IVR service

Setting up a smart IVR functionality helps to enhance business’ professional image and handle calls efficiently. IVR gives businesses lot of menu options to choose from and direct incoming calls to any extension without any hassles. This helps to improve agents’ productivity and reduces call handling time.

2. CRM Integration

CRM is an all-in-one solution to manage interactions with customers. Integrating CRM with website opens up new business avenues leading businesses to drive more productive conversations. It helps to reap information in real-time and maintain the accuracy of data for improving customer satisfaction. This way businesses can find more reliable information to get a clear insight of customers’ choices and preferences. Companies are increasingly adopting and integrating CRM solutions and their VoIP phone to simplify business functioning.


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