The New Generation of Business Phone System

People’s lives have become easier with many new technologies and innovations paving the way to enhance business performance and productivity without bearing much cost.

The New Generation of Business Phone System

One such technology is the IP .

A professionally sounding business phone system is a great must have that can surely be your milestone to success. Imagine when your callers try to reach you and the first impression goes like this: number busy, please hold the line, this number is currently unavailable or out of service or so on. If you ask me, I would just hang up and try another person or company.

This is what happens mostly with small business organizations that don’t pay attention to their business communication and just focus and invest on their core business. A professionally sounding business phone system may be out of reach for them due to the high price, but an IP system can fulfill their business needs at a much smaller price.

The IP Phone systems use VOIP technology that basically converts analog speech signals into digital data that is transferred over the web to reduce the cost of long distance calling. Cheap VOIP calls are not just what these Hosted  Systems provide.

  • Voicemail to fax mail
  • Auto Attendant
  • Customized professional greetings
  • Dial by name/extension
  • Conference Calling
  • Unified Communication
  • Caller ID
  • Toll-free and vanity numbers

Cheap calls and cost savings on infrastructure are the key factors fueling the demand for IP Systems.



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