Social Media Channels Integratio

Cloud solutions provide a platform to reap maximum benefits out of every channel. Social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter are the new sources where customers look for help. This has led to “Crowdsourcing”, where interested participants can gather information from staff rather than using information online.

Social Media Channels Integratio

A variety of cloud solutions has come up, such as Salesforce’s Service Cloud 2, where all channels of communications comprising social media are unified over this platform. This implies that any customer complaint coming from Twitter or any social media channel can be highlighted over the Salesforce platform similar to the way a telephone query is resolved. This enables customer service department to follow up on the cases as soon as possible.

Wrapping it Up

Contact centers can create a productive user experience by enabling seamless connectivity among the users and keep all participants connected over the same platform using cloud solutions. It simplifies the business life to a significant extent by enabling smooth communication among the business clients, remote workforce, customers, and partners.


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