Skipped VoIP Technologies Your Business Needs To Call

Much has been said and written about VoIP technology. It is no longer a buzzword or one that needs an introduction. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use VoIP technology. Even if you have VoIP system installed in your office, you may be missing out several advanced technologies that can turn out to be highly advantageous for your business. Some of the other advancements can aid to reduce business costs and capacitate businesses with efficiency to deliver high customer service.

Skipped VoIP Technologies Your Business Needs To Call

The best part is that initial cost of such set ups is not much and you can link them with your current subscription package. There are many technologies similar to VoIP that can help to deal effectively with communication hassles. Here’s a list of all that you can deploy in addition to other conventional VoIP technologies for smooth business functioning:

Deploying VoiceXML code

VXML code is quite unknown technology at present. VoiceXML uses a standard for framing digital documents that allow interactive voice communication between humans and computers. Audio and voice response applications, such as automated customer service portals and banking systems are developed by using voiceXML. Applications based on VoiceXML are developed and administered in the similar fashion as web browser interprets and visually renders the HTML it received from the web server.

It uses tags that give instructions to voice browser. Voice browser then performs speech synthesis and recognition required to assemble a phone menu. This can be used to put together anything ranging from flight-tracking portal, real-estate information, driving directions, emergency notifications, voice access to email, customer relationship management, voice dialing, real estate information, order inquiry to package tracking.

This technology is extremely beneficial for businesses that need to modify their phone menu on a daily basis. And turns out to be extremely beneficial for anyone who needs to provide instructions or directions that keep on changing based on conditions. As with this technology it is as easy as authoring few new lines of code.


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