Advanced Reporting

Let us help you make better sense of your call center data by providing a comprehensive report of your data. Advanced reporting allows you to analyze your callers’ data by many different criteria such as source of call, page visited, keyword and day. You can create and view several reports at the same time, depending on the kind of call tracking function you are using

Type of call data reports generated

Source-level and keyword-level data reports


These reports are highly specific and can be drilled down to the time and date of the call received. Some of the features of this type of report include the following.

    1. Time-based reports
      call data can be analyzed according to the day and time that the calls were received to show volume all through the day and best times for call conversion and sales.
    2. Calls by origin
      This allows reporting based on the different elements that contribute traffic to the business call center. This allows you to know which of your marketing efforts is effective and which ones to further concentrate on and which ones to drop entirely.
    3. Voicemail
      this entails the provision of the information captured by caller IDs and the transcripts of such calls.
    4. Unique callers
      Our software can give you a total number of unique callers that you had over a particular period of time. Call tracking data according to information of callers received lets you know how many unique, their details and their call sessions as far back as required.

Keyword-level reports


  1. Time to first call
    this report measures how long a customer stayed on the website before putting a call through to the customer care center.
  2. Calls by keywords
    this allows you to assess the efficacy of your CPC marketing campaigns to know which keywords are providing most of the call traffic to your website.
  3. Calls by landing page
    This shows you the initial web page that callers visited after arriving on your website. This helps you to understand which pages to focus on when planning for a website refresh or content update.
  4. Calls by active page
    This shows the last page that a visitor clicked on before calling the call center.


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