Call Recording for Businesses

Our call recording software is the perfect tool to ensure that a record of all customer conversations is recorded for further analysis

Call Recording


Record all incoming calls


Our new call tracking software makes it easy to record inbound sales and other business conversations with the click of a button. Once the sales staff indicates on the check box for the system to record the phone conversation, everything else happens seamlessly. We are law-abiding and strive to follow all legislative requirements and guidelines for recording call. Call recordings will never be sold to unauthorized personnel.

Recording conversations made to customers simply requests the selection of the record option to make sure that the system captures the conversations as they happen. At the end of the call, the recording is saved securely to a highly encrypted datable. Our software has a dashboard that ooa.

Call Recording

Benefits of Call Recorder for Businesses

Being able to record calls made by sales executives and customers allows companies to have a trove of information that can be analyzed to gain valuable insight into how to be more effective with marketing plans and also areas to further invest marketing spends. Here are some benefits of using our powerful call recording software for your business.


Game Changing Benefits


  1. Auto-qualification of leads – Our powerful software automatically assesses leads right on the call to let you know how like a caller can be converted to a customer. The score assigned to the call helps to improve efficiency and promote better decision making among sales staff.
  2. Campaign evaluation – The volume of calls resulting for new marketing spend on a campaign can be assessed to know if it is worth spending more. This type of insight helps business to be more strategic about how best to spend their marketing budget and which projects have the highest cost benefits.
  3. Employee feedback – Improve your training capacity by having live call records to use as practical examples to train staff on best practices. Sales representatives can listen to their calls with a coach and understand exactly what they said wrong and how to give their best effort. Call Recorder for Business helps you to develop your sales staff.
  4. Call evaluation – Our software measures the service level that a customer has received by recording conversations. Customers are able to give their comments about their call and the process and the business can listen to these calls later to gain insight into areas of possible improvement.


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