Real Time Reporting

Reporting also helps to provide flexibility to your existing campaign by knowing where to make required changes.

Real-Time Reporting

One of the most important parts of a marketing campaign is analyzing the data from the calls to ensure things work out according to plan. Reporting also helps to provide flexibility to your existing campaign by knowing where to make required changes. Our advanced reporting dashboard gives you the chance to assess call data according to different parameters. You can sort by website page the leads originated from, keyword, the day of call and many other options.

The dashboard also provides you with access to view more than one report if you are call tracking using different parameters. This is crucial when comparing different data reports to gain valuable campaign insights.

Real Time Reporting

Different types of reports

Call tracking reports by time and date – This allows you to analyze call data according to calls that come in a time period. This report will provide an analysis of how many calls received in a day of the week, down to each hour of the day. This report can be used to make decisions on agent call schedules. Call tracking by day and time also plays a role in determining call hours.

    1. Call by source

This provides a report of all the sources and interactions that are bringing traffic to your business. See which webpages, marketing campaigns, and advertisements. A call attribution report helps you to narrow down on which of your touchpoints is the most effective and which you need to work on.

    1. Unique callers report

Know exactly how many unique calls you received in a time period. This also helps you to narrow down which of your marketing sources or lead pipelines that is providing you with the most calls. This also identifies your most efficient marketing sources of new callers.

    1. Time to first call Report

Find out how long a caller stayed on your website before placing a call to your business. This report allows you to optimize pages that need be and also know where customers spend the most time before placing calls to the business. The time to first call report can be used to also design marketing strategies to further engage customers to assist in the sales conversion process.

Enjoy the Benefits of Real-Time Call Reports

Real-time call reports help you to get insights into how your sales cycle works and the average amount of time required to convert a visitor to your website. This is a critical tool in designing sales cycles and other marketing campaigns.

Custom Reports

You can find what you are looking for? You can use your own criteria to make any report that you need to have. You can even export the data to a CSV file which you can then work on to gain valuable insights to your business.


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