Multiple Geographic Locations

Your Advertiser Has a Site Serving Multiple Geographic Locations

Multiple Geographic Locations

With call tracking and dynamic number insertion you can even show local numbers to people, based on where they are searching. Why is having a local number important?

According to a recent MightyCall article:

Imagine, you have a client serving consumers in New York, Philadelphia and Boston. Having a toll-free number on the site can result in lost opportunities when consumers with strong buyer intent. Abandon their journey because they’re turned off by the 1-800.

By providing a local number to web searchers in each city and even country. Marketers can send positive signals to local searchers and increase call leads and even subsequent conversion rates.

Becauase marketers can set up a geo-targeted campaigns for each city. By assigning a local number to each of the campaigns, the JavaScript on the site will dynamically serve. The web searcher a number with a recognizable local area code.


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