Multiple Campaign Management

Understanding marketers’ key platform requirements provides insights into the future of marketing. After reading the evaluation criteria for multi-channel campaign management, it’s clear that marketers want to automate campaign creation.

Multiple Campaign Management

Essential Capabilities for Multi-Channel Campaign Management

Segmentation based on various  buyer characteristics is the most important capability for marketers. Multidimensional segmentation is a clear front runner because of the trend towards increased personalization in marketing outreach. Traditional segmentation usually involves a single profile variable such as age. Multidimensional segmentation allows marketers to message consumers based on several variables at once. For example, a marketer could target women 18-25 who have purchased red shirts in the past 6-months and have a customer lifetime value over $500. For multidimensional segmentation to work, vendors must integrate various sales, marketing, and accounting systems, so data from each platform can be used effectively by marketers.

The next 4 critical components are all focused on automation and have roughly the same value. Below are the definitions for the top 5 most important capabilities for multi channel campaigns:

  • Campaign Workflow – This capability choreographs the work involved in designing and executing campaigns, including tasks, responsibilities and timelines.
  • Predictive Analytics – This capability enables marketing analysts to create models that forecast demand, determine optimal campaign performance by adjusting parameters.
  • Real-Time Decision – This capability provides marketers with up-to-the-minute information and analytics that allow them to make timely choices about in-progress campaigns.
  • Event Triggering – This capability enables marketers to automate the sending of an offer or promotion based on an action. (for example, clicking on a particular Web page, abandoning a shopping cart or having a birthday).
  • Multidimensional Segmentation – This capability enables the grouping of audiences based on different attributes along multiple dimensions.


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