Smart Routing

Smart/Multi Routing takes call management to the next level by enabling businesses to direct calls based on caller profiles.

Multi and Smart Routing

Conditionally route by:

  • The actions the caller has taken on a website
  • Whether they’ve called previously
  • Who on your team they talked to before
  • Caller demographics like age, email address, marital status, income, social media pages, and more

Considering the 20% abandonment rate of incoming calls, it’s important to get calls answered quickly by the right person, without menus or hold times.


Routing of calls is critical to a call center’s operations because it enables your customers to get the help they need as fast as possible. By getting a customer to an agent in the quickest possible time, it improves the customer’s mood and makes them more likely to be converted to a paying client. Using advanced call automation technology, incoming calls to your call center can be analyzed and directed to the next available agent in real-time. You can also set different custom criteria to use to sort out your call routing. Call tracking software can ensure that calls are routed to different agents based on different criteria. You can route to a mobile phone, VOIP service or even a landline if you want. Customized call routing patterns can be applied to your calls so that even simultaneous calls get routed as they come in.

Call routing for every need

Our responsive call routine system ensures that you can personalize exactly how you want your calls to be routed so that it goes according to unique settings based on whatever you have going in. You can also update your call routing settings at any time. There’s also no technical skill required to effectively manage incoming calls to your business.

Responsive call routing

You can route your calls using an easy interface to get rule-based configurations to set up how you want your calls to be routed. Calls can be routed based on any criteria you choose. Some of these include the following:

  1. First call or repeat call
  2. Previously designated lead status
  3. Source of lead (direct, paid adverts or organic)
  4. SEO keyword
  5. Landing page on website
  6. Marketing campaign

Geographic Routing

GeoRouting provides an elegant solution to automatically route callers to the business location closest to them—perfect for franchises and multi-unit organizations

  • ·         Route by zip code or area code
  • ·         Set up routing rules for overlapping dealer territories
  • ·         View reporting to show how many calls are routed to each location
  • ·         Upload hundreds of territories at once and make batch updates as you have changes
  • ·         Set up default call routes for when caller is not covered by one of your territories

Step 1:  You have locations all around the country
Step 2:  You display one number on your website
Step 3:  Person calls that number and enters in their ZIP code
Step 4:  Call is routed to the closest location
Step 5:  Calls are in the right hands quickly


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