Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Jitter/packet loss and insufficient bandwidth issues created by internet connection don’t resolves issue. And neither does upgrading and configuring the router. To get this resolved, it is required that ISP must upgrade it to the high-speed internet connection. Addressing the bandwidth issues can help to improve audio quality and ensure high-quality voice service.

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

1. Keep a Check on Bandwidth Requirements

Utilizing existing data network for VoIP applications saves costs significantly. Company’s existing network infrastructure and phone line requirement must be checked thoroughly and any additional bandwidth requirement must be planned in advance. Efficient voice communication requires that companies must keep a check on bandwidth requirement and make the adjustments appropriately.

2. Building Up a Secured VoIP Network

With VoIP increasingly acquiring a large proportion of cloud market, it is required that VoIP implementation must be accompanied by lock down of VoIP servers, performing regular security audits, encrypting VoIP services, building redundancy in VoIP networks. In addition to VoIP network security, it is required that the equipment is placed behind firewalls and constantly monitored using security management system.

3. Administering Right Equipment in Place

Along with monitoring VoIP traffic, business needs to figure out exactly what type of infrastructure and technology is required to support better voice quality. For instance, routers and switches that support virtual LANs and traffic lay out enough bandwidth requirement in order to prevent degradation of VoIP connections.

Wrapping it up

It is not that easy to ensure the consistent flow of VoIP-based communication channel, building a strong network requires careful consideration of each of its pros and cons. VoIP network should be robust enough that can handle existing and new demands easily and within seconds. This not only helps in meeting customers needs smoothly but also builds up a strong image of your business.


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