Instant Phone Number Setup

We help you to set up both local and international toll-free phone numbers for your business. Without our large capacity of call tracking telephone numbers that span the whole of North America, leads and prospects can reach you at no cost.

Phone Number Setup

Get a local tracking phone number

One of the benefits of a local call tracking number is that it helps your prospects and leads to locate your business location. You can set these phone numbers to be located anywhere in the USA or Canada that you want it to show, no matter where your business is located. We provide instant phone number set up in over 300 different area codes in North America.

Toll-Free Phone Numbers

Being able to record calls made by sales executives and customers allows companies to have a trove of information that can be analyzed to gain valuable insight into how to be more effective with marketing plans and also areas to further invest marketing spends. Here are some benefits of using our powerful call recording software for your business.

Quick tracking phone number activation

You can get a phone number as quickly as you can deploy a new marketing campaign for your business. Our service can provide you with a new phone number instantly to include in your new campaign and ensure proper tracking. The best part is that the phone number is ready to receive phone calls immediately it is set up giving you the flexibility to deliver campaigns on short notice. Pay for your phone number and you get it delivered to you without any delay.

Clean, no-drama phone numbers

We partner with the best nationwide carriers to provide you with a database of phone numbers that have passed through a strict quality check to ensure that the numbers you get are not plagued by unwanted calls. You can rest assured that your campaign plans will not be derailed by random calls or spam callers.

Port your existing number to our system

You don’t have to get a new number if you don’t want to change it. Simply bring your old number and we will use the federally acceptable porting process to ensure that your phone number is switched over to our call tracking platform as quickly as 4 weeks without you losing any service in the period. In the rare case that you even want to move to another platform, we will totally support the porting process with your new provider to make sure that your number is fine and transferred.

We offer international phone numbers

Our systems are completely optimized to handle international call tracking numbers in five continents at the moment. We provide call tracking phone numbers for the United Kingdom, France, Australia and New Zealand. We also cover Brazil in South America with a view to adding more countries in the near future.


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