Call monitoring is crucial to ensuring agents follow company performance standards and adhere to regulatory and end-client requirements. Your call center is the front line of collection and the face of your business.

Improve Performance and Compliance with Structured Call Monitoring

Listen to calls in real-time, without the agent or caller knowing, to silently guarantee quality standards are being met.  With Call Monitoring, you can monitor your agents’ calls to gain valuable insight into the needs of your customers and make more informed business decisions. Nextrings is entirely cloud-based so call monitoring is available any time you have Internet access. This makes it easy to ensure that your customers always have positive experiences and to train your agents from anywhere in the world. Cloud-based call center software with call monitoring gives you the tools you need to thrive – and your agents and customers will succeed as a result.

However, ever-changing compliance regulations, limited resources and a lack of knowledge on what to monitor make it difficult to implement a structured call monitoring program. Our flexible call monitoring services use our Perfect Employee outsourcing model to provide effective call monitoring that helps improve performance, compliance and customer experience. Well trained and highly experienced, our associates monitor, score and log more than 8,000 calls each month.

Our call monitoring services use industry best practices to deliver:

  • Independent, objective, impartial and transparent assessments of calls
  • Significant sample sizes to identify trends and the calls that require your attention
  • Prompt and meaningful results with reporting frequencies tailored to your needs
  • A consolidated management view of agent-level and department-level results
  • Actionable data that identifies the root cause of issues, in order to improve call quality and customer results over time
  • Flexible staffing that allows you to increase capacity during peak volume and decrease during slower periods


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