How Toll Free Numbers can Enhance Customer Service Experience?

In the previous post, we discussed how toll free numbers can aid better customer call routing. But, this doesn’t state all that can contribute to improved customer service experience. The way we treat our customers speaks a lot about company’s culture. Company’s reputation is only as good as customer service delivered. Deliver a delightful experience to one customer and your client base will swell with relatives and neighbors. However, just upset one and your business drops down to ground zero.

How Toll Free Numbers can Enhance Customer Service Experience?


1. Availability

Making the right agent available for resolving queries is a big trouble for sales department. Employees’ productivity gets hampered as customers are unable to connect with the required agent in time which leads to decreased return on investment. One of the main reasons for higher customer call abandonment rate is a technical barrier due to which customers are unable to connect with the right agent in the time leading to lowered lead generation rate.

2. Slow Problem Resolution

Forrester reveals many reasons behind agents’ problem resolving skills. Nearly 42% of service agents lack the skills of efficiently resolving customer’s issues due to complex user interfaces, disconnected systems, and multiple applications. This problem resolution time reduces and leads to inefficiency problem handling, because of which customers’ issues are not resolved in time and hampers agent’s productivity.

3. Poor Channel Management

Sales department often uses just one channel to resolve customer issues. But increasingly growing competition in the market has led to the growth in multiple channels and using any of these channels enable customers to ask questions anytime and provide feedback on services as per their convenience. Unfortunately, businesses are unable to administer proper channels that would make it feasible for customers to quickly send their responses.


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