How Toll Free Numbers Can Aid Better Customer Call Routing?

In our previous post, we discussed how toll free numbers can help to improve revenue numbers. Now, let’s see how simply one number can be used to avoid sales glitches. One number for customers from California, Florida, New York, and Texas to connect with you easily would certainly help to escalate the business success rate. Sleep, play, dine and travel without getting concerned about ‘missed’ business calls. Toll free numbers give you the flexibility to choose routing preferences based upon time of the day and location.

How Toll Free Numbers Can Aid Better Customer Call Routing?

Our toll-free number service is structured using intelligent network platform that helps you capture enterprise leads from across the globe and simplifies the ease of access to your business. Creating targeted call routing options facilitates businesses to direct incoming calls to specified answer points and enhances customer service experience.


1. Busy Lines and Call Disruptions

Struggling to get the right response in time is one of the biggest hassle faced by customers. A long IVR menu option increases customer frustration leading to bad customer service experience. Failure to provide the right response in time often drops down customer value at each touch point leading to the loss in productivity. And during the peak hours, call handling gets even worse and cannot be transferred evenly among customer service department that leads to many missed calls.

2. Limited Channels for Customer’s Reachability

Many businesses fail to build up proper channels for attending customers’ call. And due to this business productivity falls down drastically and leads to bad customer service experience. It fails to deliver customer feedback in time over product and services and answer customer concerns appropriately. Often, it happens that customers need solutions based on their age, skills and time zone and lack of appropriate channels leads to failure to expand customer base and loss of existing clients.


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