How PPC Call Tracking Works

Call tracking software records information about incoming telephone calls, and in some regions even the conversation. Call tracking is a technology which can enable the pay per call, pay per minute or pay per lead business model.

How PPC Call Tracking Works

When you configure call tracking, you purchase one or more numbers that will forward to your business line. These can be local or toll-free numbers, depending on the provider you use. You can purchase as many tracking numbers as you like, giving you a unique number for each PPC campaign or landing page to make tracking that much easier.

Those numbers can be displayed directly in your PPC ads and other locations, as you see fit. You can also set up dynamic number insertion on your website as part of your PPC campaign strategy.

Dynamic number insertion uses a simple script on your website to change the listed phone number seen by visitors. The number is chosen from a bank of numbers and will display them based on specific triggers, such as:

This is all accomplished using a call tracking platform. For virtually every provider, your numbers are handled digitally with no hardware setup required, so PPC call tracking can be set up in minutes.


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