How Much is A Business Phone Line

There are a million ways to communicate with your customers these days, but voice communication is still a step above all the tweets and chat boxes out there. That’s why a business phone line is so important. Being available to answer questions or assist with issues on the phone can make all the difference to your customers. However, the cost of implementing an outstanding business phone line can be hefty, and many people don’t know where to start. So, how much is a business phone line? And where do you get started pricing one out?

How Much is A Business Phone Line

We’re here to help. We’ll break the features and options that move the needle when it comes to price as well as showcase the different types of phone systems you can choose from.

Let’s take Nextrings for example. We have a three-tiered pricing system that easily breaks down the features and prices so that you know what you’re getting up front.

Pricing Factors

No one phone provider is alike. Each one comes with their own set of features and pricing options. What’s most important when you first start shopping for a new business VoIP phone system is knowing what you need and what you want. Here are a few of the important things to consider when choosing your phone plan.

Your Company Size

If you have just one location with 10 employees or 10 locations with multiple employees per location, it will make all the difference when it comes to your cost. Some providers charge an installation fee per location which can significantly drive up costs.

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If you need to purchase physical phones for your location it’s another cost to consider. Phones come in basic, middle of the road, and feature-rich options that vary when it comes to price points. Typically, your provider can help you make decisions depending on the goals you have for your phone service.

Additional Features

Some features are built into your service rather than your phone. Which means some features may be an additional cost. For example, Nextiva’s three plans each come with their own set of features. You can see that Office Pro comes with fewer features than Office Enterprise, but if the lower tier has the features you want, then there’s no need for the more expensive plan.


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