How Much Does Nextrings Cost? Find the Perfect Plan for Your Business

Nextrings is one of the leading cloud-based business phone services in 2019. We’re best known for our advanced call management, flexible domestic calling, voicemail to email, and text messaging features. If you’re in the process of choosing your business phone system, we’re glad Nextiva made the cut. And, you’re probably wondering — “How much does Nextiva cost? What features make the most sense for my business?” This crisp overview of our plans and pricing should get you started!

How Much Does Nextrings Cost? Find the Perfect Plan for Your Business

Nextrings Business Phone Service Pricing

Nextrings three-tiered plans are broken down according to the number of users and type of features you may opt for. They range from Office Pro at $29.95/month and Office Pro Plus at $99.95/month to Office Enterprise at $149.95/month. Each of these is for a team of 1-4 users.

  1. Auto Attendant: With the instant automated greeting, let your callers choose the person or department they are trying to reach.
  2. Text Messaging: Manage teams and employees by sending and receiving business text messages through the Nextrings app.
  3. Nextiva App: Stay connected with your customers, employees, and partners directly from your mobile device – no matter where you are.
  4. Voicemail to Email: Access your voicemail messages from a single source, your email account, from anywhere your business takes you.
  5. Call Queuing: Organize employees, teams, and departments into queues so that callers can chat with the next available company representative in the selected queue.
  6. Unlimited Calling: No per-minute charges or limits when you place calls in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.
  7. Number management: Customizing the use of numbers is a great feature, including assigning multiple numbers to one user. Hunt groups where an incoming call rings multiple handsets are also valuable in many situations.
  8. Conferencing: Often, it’s much easier to collaborate over the phone via a conference call compared to email ping-pong. That’s why call conferencing is a popular additional add-on for many VoIP users.
  9. Virtual extensions: Set up a forwarding number from your business VoIP phone systemto redirect inbound calls to a fixed line or a mobile phone.
  10. Call recording: Saving recordings of calls can be very helpful from a customer service viewpoint, including training. Some businesses also record incoming and outgoing calls for regulatory purposes.
  11. Web integration: Want to make it easy for your customers to get in touch? Add a call-me function to your website which automatically generates an outbound call from your VoIP system.


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