How Much Do VoIP Phone Systems Cost?

When calculating how much VoIP systems cost, you will notice there is no set price that any VoIP provider can display initially. The reason for that is that each business has unique phone system needs. Here are seven pricing factors you should ask the provider about before you purchase a system: VoIP Cost Per Month Hosting & Setup Fees Number of Users Level of Subscription Phone Equipment Extra Equipment Broadband

How Much Do VoIP Phone Systems Cost?

VoIP Cost Per Month

When trying to find out an overall cost of a VoIP phone system, you will notice pricing starts around $25 per user for a hosted set-up and increases from there. There are many reasons why pricing fluctuates: the number of users, the total number of devices, or the hosted plan selected.

Hosting & Setup Fees

When deciding where to host a VoIP phone system, you’ll want to know the provider’s tiered subscription fees. Note that hosted VoIP systems rarely have setup costs.

Number of Users

VoIP providers charge monthly rates based on the number of users or employees at a business. As an example, Next rings bills at $34.95 for every 1–4 users, but if you have 100+ users, the price drops to $21.95 per user.

Level of Subscription

VoIP providers typically offer several tiered packages. Using Next rings as an example, they have three packages: “Office Pro,” “Office Pro Plus” and the fully loaded “Office Enterprise” — each has a set monthly price and no setup fees.

Phone Equipment

Compatible VoIP phones have dropped dramatically in price and they usually start around $70-$80, but depending on the features the price can spring up to hundreds of dollars.

Extra Equipment

With new VoIP phone systems, most of the equipment is included with the exception of additional headsets and adapters. You can usually buy a new headset for around $40-$50. If you need to add an analog telephone adapter, they’re $60-$70 dollars.


VoIP relies on a sturdy, robust and fast internet connection, so a broadband service that delivers a minimum of 10 Mbps should give you an uninterrupted VoIP experience. However, as your company grows, you may need to increase broadband services.


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