How is a VoIP Phone System Set Up?

Now you’re ready to move forward and transition over to a VoIP phone system. To start, there is a simple five-step process you and your provider will go through before setting up a new system. We’ve supplied a general set of guidelines below to familiarize yourself with the process.

How is a VoIP Phone System Set Up?

Network Assessment

With the Needs Assessment documented, you’ll move to the Local Area Network Assessment next. When a VoIP Phone system uses your LAN, you must check the existing network to determine if a virtual phone might cause any additional strain on the network. The information uncovered here is a critical step in the process.

Internet Connectivity

Just as thoroughly as the needs and LANetwork assessments, the inspection of your internet connectivity will need assessing. Since you’re going to use the VoIP phone system to make calls, you have to make sure your internet connection has the necessary bandwidth to support the system because VoIP calling brings additional traffic.

Installation, Support and Ongoing Maintenance

Now it’s decision time. Who will perform all the behind-the-scenes activities? Your team or the VoIP service provider? Many business owners are comfortable taking care of their system, from installing, support and maintaining a VoIP phone system in-house. Those who don’t want the responsibility can enlist the services of a business VoIP provider to take on that role.

System Selection, End Points, and Voice Service

With all assessments made and decisions about who will handle your system completed, you’ll move on to VoIP phone system selection. After you select your system, you will need to determine the actual VoIP phones you want to use. Most providers have a large selection to choose from. Finally, you will need to choose a provider and the type of voice services you will include in your plan.


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