How Call Blasting Feature Works

It is a super effective method to inform your clients, customers, and employees about any important plan changes or updates that they should know about, all in a single go.With our Hosted system, businesses can inform their clients and other stakeholders about any changes in prices and also deliver recent business information to relevant stakeholders without having to waste hours calling each stakeholder separately and conveying the same message again and again.

How Call Blasting Feature Works ?

These features not only allows businesses to enhance their image but also helps create a longer lasting impression on the customers. Call blasting can also be used for emergency alerts, marketing campaigns, surveys and polling campaigns, reminders and notifications, and advertising/promotions for your business.


  • Save time & resources by reaching a larger audience, all at same time.
  • Eliminates the need to repeat a message to separate recipients.
  • Built-in recording, logging and call statistics.
  • No additional equipment or maintenance involved.
  • Provides an interactive experience to users by adding personal touch.
  • Easy to control and set up the messages and timing for calls.



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