Hosted IVR Solution

Hosted IVR (Interactive Voice Response) System is an innovation that enables callers to connect with an organization's communication system via phone. It allows the caller to get data from a database, enter data into a database, or both.

Hosted IVR Solution

What is Hosted IVR solution?

The IVR System enables the caller to communicate through the telephone system which is associated with the computer system to make a transaction or to get info from the company. This is a proficient approach to exchange of information that does not require a receptionist or some other staff member to assist. An IVR helps the user through a series of pre-programmed messages. These messages are pre-recorded and can also additionally direct the caller to a live customer service agent. In some cases, it might be sent to a voice mail box or even a message from the customer recorded and emailed to the customer service team.

Mostly, IVR are used by small and large organizations to reduce their labor costs by utilizing automated systems to answers routine queries by clients. It additionally expands the hours of operation by making your service options available 24*7.

Hosted IVR systems can also be developed to recognize human voice and react accordingly. Depending upon the level of speech recognition sophistication required by the business. IVRs can be programmed to recognize names, locations and can also take a series of numbers, making IVRs helpful for booking and credit card transaction.



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