Going Beyond Geographical Barriers

As, OTT players run using merely internet connection so, accessing content and making voice calls is easy and simple irrespective of the location. Although, some OTT players such as Skype consumes much data, but, the call quality is amazing. Its instant messaging feature is perfect to stay in touch with the colleagues, allows to ask questions about the ongoing project, and file transfer feature allows to send and receive documents instantly.

Going Beyond Geographical Barriers

1. Single Number Reach-ability with OTT Player

With just one Skype number, sales representatives can answer the customer calls from anywhere around the globe. Home phone, office phone or personal mobile, a call can be routed to the desired extension which simplifies the call handling capabilities. This enhances the customer response rate manifold and helps to build up a professional image which improves the company’s bottom line and offers a smarter and cost-effective way to handle business calls.

2. Reduction in Business Traveling Costs

Cut down the costs of your fuel, flights and hotel bills and increase business profitability. OTT players such as Viber, Skype, GoToMeeting are some of the amazing apps to conduct board meetings, video calls, group discussions with multiple participants easily and helps to enhance business productivity rapidly.

3. Keep Expenditures in Track with Business

Keeping a track of call costs is easy with OTT players. It enables to manage accounts centrally, keep track of how much everyone spends, set up different accounts for staff, allocate credit and makes it much easier to prepare call budget and the spot where savings can be made. Maintaining a call budget helps to further allocate credit to other business operations and work more smartly.


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