Get More with Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding is one of the most used features on Private Branch Exchange . When a call arrives on a number that is not available to take the call, this feature routes the call to another number, set by the user. There are many unavoidable circumstances because of which any number may not be able to receive the incoming calls, but Call Forwarding makes sure that you still get those calls.

Get More with Call Forwarding

When we developed hosted service  we maintained a great emphasis on making sure that the callers trying to reach the users actually reach them. Call Forwarding is of the features that we have in offer to make sure that you do not miss out on any call, because that is directly a business opportunity for you. Major highlight of Call Forwarding feature is various options that we offer for setting up the number to which the call will be routed. Following are the options available with our forwarding solutions:

  • All calls
  • On busy
  • No answer
  • From select callers
  • Busy line


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