Email Integration for Faster Customer Response

Just by clicking the requisite email address, predictive dialer enables you to send any pre-recorded message of voicemail or answering machine. This avoids the repetition of messages and saves time by eliminating the need to type the entire message again and again. By using reminder calendar, you can easily set a call back for the desired customers, which helps to save a lot of time.

Email Integration for Faster Customer Response

Automated Marketing Campaign Set-up

Predictive dialer’s capabilities allow dynamically create, alter and stop campaigns and adjust its pace as well. It enhances the overall contact center efficiency by automating the process of outbound campaign set-up. Administering outbound campaigns dramatically enhance the campaign bottom-line by skipping the busy, disconnected and no-answer calls. And for these customers, a voice message can be left on answering machines.

1. Setting Up Time Zone Restrictions

On the basis of the area code of dialed number, predictive dialers intelligence allow arranging calling time frames as suitable to the respective time zones. On setting up the numbers for specific time zone, calls can be further pushed to be called later. By bending the numbers as per suitability, connectivity rate and thus, the overall performance of contact centers can be improved.

2. Reduced Agent Idle Time

Predictive dialers’ algorithm is set-up in such a manner that it automatically routes the call to the desired agent as per availability of the agent. There is usually a time lag between the first call handled and another call. Predictive dialer reduces this time lag by initiating the dial-up of a number before completion of the prior call. This enhances the productive engagement time of the agent. So, a greater number of calls can be answered in less time and increases the overall agents’ engagement time over the call.


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