Dynamic Number Insertion

Dynamic Number Insertion takes little effort or technical skill to set up All you need to do is to install a single line of JavaScript that we provide to you

Dynamic Number Insertion

If you are looking to integrate call tracking into your website using a special number for each lead source, then we provide the right service for you. It is important that every lead source on a website carry a unique number so that tracking can be done efficiently. This means that all your data sources like Yahoo Organic, Facebook, Yelp, Twitter and other websites all have a dedicated call tracking number wherever a phone number appears. This data forms an important part of marketing analytics for improvement.

Once call tracking is properly implemented, visitors to your website will see the same dynamic phone number anytime they visit the website. This prevents any confusion that users may have if they are visiting from a different source than their previous visit. Dynamic number insertion helps to maintain brand consistency across many sources of leads online.

How does dynamic number insertion work?


Dynamic Number Insertion takes little effort or technical skill to set up All you need to do is to install a single line of JavaScript that we provide to you. You can then create dynamic tracking numbers that will ensure that all visitors from different sources are uniquely tracked. The benefit of the snippet is that as soon as a visitor gets to your website, the software identifies their source and swaps their phone number so that you can know which of your marketing sources is giving you phone calls.


Call Tracking for Visitors

Our software plans for returning visitors to get them the same tracking phone number as before by placing a web cookie into their web browser. This helps your website to identify returning visitors and gives them the last number that they saw. Dynamic number insertion ensures that you don’t lose any details. For tracking marketing campaigns, this is perfect as it helps you to know exactly where people are visiting your site and calling you from.

Advantages of Dynamic Number Insertion

Dynamic Number Insertion Benefits


    1. Real-time budgetingDNI helps to find out how paid adverts are doing by showing where calls are coming from. This helps businesses to know how their keyword adverts are able to impact telephone sales
    2. Local number listing and toll-free numbersEncourage different locations to call in to your business by presenting them with a local number that they can call. Toll free numbers also can be displayed to improve geotargeting and ensure that all online adverts are localized according to the visitor’s location.
    3. Tracking of social media channels, campaigns and keywordsCall volume to a number allows you to see how a specific channel is contributing to your lead generation endeavors. You can even use DNI to track keywords to see where it is best to invest in your next marketing campaign.

DNI enables a level of call tracking that helps you to identify how your marketing efforts are performing in real time and also know where to further invest for the best returns. Speak to a Sales Representative today for our DNI options for you.


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