Different Options to Block a Call

There are some incoming that can harm the business and you can avoid them too. While you are in urgent business or the caller is just uselessly biting on your precious time, the Call blocker will block the incoming calls from the numbers that you choose to. The Real PBX understands that blocking someone’s call is sign of rudeness and might not do justice to your reputation in the market. Therefore, we have a solution for that as well. The caller would not know if there is blocked and you have a number of option to choose on what you want such callers to hear.

Different Options to Block a Call

When you block a number from making a call to you, our Hosted makes sure that it would not cause any negative influence on your business. While your will not be disturbed by the calls from that number, we also offer you a choice of options to decide what the caller from the blocked number gets to hear:

  • Direct the call to voicemail
  • Play busy tone
  • Play the ‘Number does not exist’ tone
  • Keep ringing the call

    Remove the Numbers from Call Block Any Moment

    First good thing is that if any number is disturbing you, you can easily block it. Another good thing is that the number blocking is not irrevocable. So, if you want to unblock any number to allow their calls to reach you again, you can easily remove their number from the blocked number list. The smooth phone connection between the two parties will be reinstated.


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