Different Ad Campaigns Under the Same Shelter

Vanity numbers bring to you business intelligence! For instance, an 800-Buy-A-Home number in itself is self-explanatory that helps to build up brand connectivity easily and create a business presence without putting in any extra efforts. Vanity numbers offer a quick and slick solution for branding and help to increase revenue numbers easily. These easy-to-remember and easily recognizable numbers hold immense potential to build up a strong customer base.

Different Ad Campaigns Under the Same Shelter

With the specific extension for each ad campaign, businesses can be benefited immensely and can track the performance of each campaign in real-time. So, businesses can easily keep a track of each campaign under the same ambit and can make the changes in products and services accordingly.

For instance, you wish to promote a tool like mail chimp so, the number can be set accordingly by framing a number like 800-mail-chimp that gives an immediate boost in sales number by attracting the potential clients. And this comprises performing branding for promoting that product. This way other products can also, be promoted and success rate of each can be tracked under the same platform.

1. Pricing

Pricing plans for toll-free number service differ from company to company. Most of the companies offer a plan in which customers are charged based upon usage. This usually comprises monthly plans which include features such as voice mail, auto-attendant, music on hold and several other features that can be customized based upon the business need.

Final Thoughts

With vanity toll-free number service, it becomes easy to set up a professional image and increase sales number significantly. As these are easy-to-remember so, customers can connect to you easily whenever they have a need for services related to your company offerings.


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