Detailed Reports and Call Analytics

Detailed reports on your voice broadcasting campaigns help you plan effectively. You get real-time campaign reports, detailed call reports and daily performance reports for each Voice Broadcasting campaign run on Nextrings.

Detailed Reports and Call Analytics

Measure efficiency of Call Center calls

Running a political or advocacy campaign is tough work and anyone who has been part of one will tell you how important it is to track every metric related to the campaign. With campaign activities running for weeks or months, it can be easy to lose track of your goals or become confused by the sheer volume of data that comes in every day. The success of a campaign depends on building a positive relationship with the people it reaches out to. By showing you the number of Unique Contacts Called”campaign managers are instantly made aware of irregular spikes in the graph. Allowing some leeway for people who may have asked for a callback, you easily avoid multiple calls are going out to the same call list.

Voice Campaign Reports

Voice broadcasting campaign reports gives you information about the state of the campaign as it happens. It will tell you how many contacts were reached and how they responded to your campaign.

Analytics Dashboard

Delve deeper into your campaigns and gain insights into how your agents are performing, the number of people you’ve reached and more.  Visualize your campaigns with our new Analytics dashboard. It offers wealth of data about various aspects of your campaign performance. With one glance, get an array of important campaign insights. Use it track metrics, set performance goals and proactively identify problems.

Export Campaign Data for Review

Most campaigns have an in-house data base to do their own campaign analysis as well as manage other activities of the campaign. Data from outreach is used by campaigns to schedule and organized door-knocking as well as to decide numbers for leaflets, brochures, posters, banners and placards.  Every successful campaign is built on relationships. Nextrings gives you the frequency of contact across custom timelines, allowing campaign managers to measure how often they have engaged with their contacts. By maintaining a consistent level of engagement across time, campaigns significantly increase their chances of gaining the approval of its contacts.

Measure your campaign goals using Nextrings analytics dashboard. Keep track of your campaign from a single dashboard and gain deep insights by looking at your history. Campaign managers already have a tough load to carry. Nextrings is another step on our journey to make your jobs easier and campaigns more intelligent.


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